Slots Strategies for High Rollers

Slots are the most popular of all casino games, be it at traditional land-based casinos or the newer online casinos. Most casinos, traditional or online, offer slot games for high rollers. In a traditional casino, you will find a section that is off limits to the casual player; this section hosts the high roller slots, with machines costing as much as $1000 a spin. In an online casino, the scenario is slightly different; almost anyone can play slots as a high roller provided they fulfill the criteria for being labeled a high roller.

Like all gambling games, slots also require some level of strategizing. This is especially true if you are playing high limits slots. As a high roller, you may win big, but then you could also lose big. Some basic strategy in place will help prevent that happening too often. In this article, we will discuss some strategies for playing slots as a high roller.

Slots Strategies for High Rollers

When you opt to play slots for high stakes at a casino, be it an online casino or a traditional casino, you must have a proper strategy in place to ensure your play results in you winning more often than losing. The first strategy you need to adopt to be a successful high roller slots player is to have good management skills when it comes to your bankroll. Your bankroll will be critical in determining how you play and how much you win. You need to have a good number in mind that you can refer to as a benchmark when you are playing. For instance, you could decide that for every $100 you should play at the rate of a dollar a spin. That way, even if you are talking of very high numbers, for instance $50,000, the amount of money per spin is still reasonable.

As part of your strategy when you start playing slots for high stakes, you should understand the need for a loss limit. A loss limit is the maximum limit that you are willing to lose money to. Once you hit that number, you get up and leave; there is no sitting around for one last shot at redemption once you reach your loss limit. You need to be able to set yourself a reasonable loss limit, which again would be based on the size of your bankroll. Whatever the loss limit, you need to have it in place and more importantly, stick to it once you get to that figure.

Some More Slot Strategies for High Rollers

Another strategy that works when you play slots as a high roller is to be a member of the casino’s VIP club and also have access to the comp points that the casino gives out each time you play. Membership at the VIP club means increased comp points, which in turn means increased opportunities at reeling in a winner. So check with the casino’s customer support team that you are actually enrolled into their VIP or loyalty program and are getting access to the comp points there.

Another basic strategy that you can access to maximize your winning chances when you play high roller slots is to play at a slot that offers the maximum payout percentage. The higher the payout percentage the better it will work for you. To know which slot has the maximum payout percentage, you can check the paytable that is available with the casino.