Craps Strategies for High Rollers

Craps is a game that you can have a lot of fun playing when you are at a casino, be it a traditional land-based casino or an online casino. When you play craps for money at a traditional or online casino, whether you win or lose may depend on luck to a large extent, you may say. However, there are certain strategies that you can adopt to ensure that you have more wins than losses over a period of time at the craps table.

Like in all other casino games, strategy plays an important role in craps as well. How well you implement the strategies you have adopted will determine, to a large extent, whether you win or lose. Strategies become that much more important when you play the game of craps for high stakes, as a high roller. Of course, the strategies will not make you a guaranteed winner each time you play craps; you’ll win some, you’ll some. They will, instead, ensure you are able to play the game better and longer, and notch up more wins than if you just went ahead and played the game without any strategy in place.

Craps Strategies for High Rollers

The primary strategy to adopt in craps, as with any other gambling game, is to manage your bankroll effectively. High rollers may think this kind of strategy works only for beginners and low rollers; they could not be more wrong. This applies equally, possibly even more, to high rollers. As a high roller, you have more money to lose each time a win eludes you. Manage your bankroll judiciously so you have enough to play with for a long time.

Not only do you need to manage your bankroll well, you need to have a definite loss limit number in mind. This is the amount of money you are finally willing to lose; the moment you get to this number you have to walk away from the table. If you are able to identify a definite loss limit number and stick to it, you are saving yourself from the possibility of seeing your entire bankroll wiped out.

Some More Craps Strategies for High Rollers

Once you have identified a definite loss limit number and are confident of managing your bankroll effectively, you need to identify and play with bets that have a decent house edge. These bets are usually the pass line bets (backed by free odds), come bets (also backed by free odds), and bets on the 6 or the 8. These are the basic bets; once you are comfortable with them you can move to the higher bets, not before.

Another strategy that you can adopt is to go against the flow and bet with the house, which means effectively you are betting on a shooter not winning the hand. This you can do by means of the Don’t Pass bet. This will work especially when you are playing at an online casino, where anonymity can be a good friend. Another strategy that you can try out is betting on the pass line.

Adopting any of these Craps strategies should help you improve your chances of winning when you are playing craps, be it at a traditional casino or an online casino.